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Christians rosarieshapelets chrétiens disponibles en boutique - Notre Dame de Paris

Prayer object par excellence, the rosary is composed of 5 series of 10 beads, each followed by a separate bead. Each bead of the Christian rosary corresponds to a prayer. Thus every practising believer follows a very specific procedure for reciting the rosary, by beginning with the sign of the cross and then by several successions in a precise order of "I believe in God", "Our Father", "Hail Mary" and "Glory to the Father".

Traditional and precious Christian rosaries

The Notre Dame de Paris shop offers many Christian rosaries: in wood, silver or simply with the effigy of the cathedral, our rosaries and one decade rosaries are available for sale online. We also offer genuine mother-of-pearl rosaries and Swarovski, very beautiful pieces with which you can commune.

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We also offer low-priced rosaries as well as pendant crosses and medals.