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Enamel : Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Here is this magnificent representation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
in a deep blue color. The round copper plate is decorated with a grand feu enamel.

Made in the purest tradition of the work of "Grand Feu Enamels".
From the Arts of Fire this technique is extremely elaborate:
Multiple cooking in the oven at 850 ° gives full meaning to its name
because it’s the fire, omnipresent in the enamel adventure,
which merges and transforms matter to reveal color.
The craftsman sometimes uses gold or silver leaf which he fixes to the metal
before depositing his colored enamels.

✔A very beautiful work of art made entirely by hand.

✔ A craft work for a magnificent representation of the Blessed Virgin
✔ The enamel plate is fixed on a plexiglass.
✔ Dimensions of the enamel: 7.4cm

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 Our Lady of Perpetual Help 

Enemal Plate with our Lady of Perpetual Help, blue

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