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Christian Cross of the official shop of Notre Dame de Paris
Medaillons of Notre Dame de Paris

✔ The Christian Cross is Unique and Multiple as it has adapted to the places and rites that celebrate it : Latin Cross, Greek Cross, Jerusalem Cross, Cross of the Regions of France, Savoy, Provence...

It is the Representation of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the main Christian Symbol.

The gesture of drawing a sign of the Cross for Christian is alos one of the most ancient rites.

✔As for our enameled bronze or enamel medallions, they are to be offered for a special event, for a birth, an anniversary.

Crosses and medallions of traditional or contemporary style

The official store of Notre Dame de Paris invites you to discover all kinds of Christian Crosses and Medallions

representing the blessed Virgin Mary. Crosses and medallions to hang , to offer in bronze, enamel.

Browse all those of contemporary artists who use new materials.

✔ Express delivery all over the world.