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The Angels - find out more


Some quotes from great thinkers

"Angels need to be given a body.
Not for their own sake, but in relation to us."
by St. Thomas Aquinas / Summa Theologica

"Love is a light from heaven,
a spark of the immortal fire which the angels share."
from George Gordon, Lord Byron / The Giaour, 1813

"Men are angel trainees."
by Victor Hugo / Facts and Beliefs

"The earth is to the sun
what man is to the angel.
by Victor Hugo / Les Contemplations

"In Heaven, there is nothing exceptional about an angel."
by George Bernard Shaw / Maxims for Revolutionaries

From the guardians angels ... who are they ?

Beyond the many representations we may have of them, 

what do we knom about them...?

Pope Francis in his homily of 2 october, tells us:

"God has placed beside each of us a guardina angel 

who supports us, defends us, accompanies us in life"

It is precisely to the mission of "ambassadors of God" 

of the holy guardina angels that the Pope 

recalls on 2 october, the day of their liturgical feast.

On could add: 

- The angel is an intelligent creature who has no body. He is a pure spririt.

- What is their function as angels? let us listen to St. Paul :

They are "spirits destined to serve, sent on a mission 

for the good of those who are to inherit salvation" (He:1,14).

- What is their role?:

. They watch over all men (Tb:3,17; Ps:91.11; Dn:3,49)

. They present their prayers to God (Tb:12,12)

. They preside over the destiny of the nations (Dan:10,13-21).

. They explain to the prophets the meaning of their visions (Ezek:40,3f; Za:1,8f)

. They are called sons of God (Job;1,6; 2,1; 38,7. Gen:6,1-4).

Which angels are named in the revelation? :

The three main archangels: Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

- Their number is not infinite but incalculable (even with computers...).

- Their existence can be demonstrated by the necessity 

of the perfection of creation, 

but there can be no material proof of their existence:

It is a truth of faith.