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About Us | Shop Notre Dame de Paris

The online store and the gift shop in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris were founded and are managed by the Maurice de Sully Association.

The souvenirs, brochures, rosaries, medals and other items we sell have been very carefully designed and selected in close cooperation with our suppliers.

The vast majority of our items are bespoke, made specifically for us. In other words, they are manufactured for us alone.
This means that we can offer you very high quality products that testify to both the pastoral mission of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and the distinction of this exceptional work of architecture.

The Maurice de Sully association, named after the bishop who conceived and built the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris in the 12th century, aims to help maintain, renovate and enhance the sacred heritage of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris through various initiatives and projects, contributing to the cultural and spiritual influence of this historical site. Assist the rector of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris in planning and budgeting activities related to maintenance, surveillance, security and the reception of visitors and worshipers;

Participate in all events and activities compatible with the religious nature of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris; and more generally, contribute to people’s understanding of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and its influence, both in France and internationally, through any actions it deems useful.

It is reiterated that the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris belongs to the French State, which keeps the cathedral open to ministers and followers of the Catholic faith, giving them a place to practice their religion.

The cathedral is attached to the diocese of Paris and is the see of the archbishop of Paris. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and its canons have been entrusted with the care of the Crown of Thorns brought to the cathedral by Saint Louis in 1239.

This world-renowned monument to spiritual splendour and UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts 13 million believers, pilgrims and visitors each year and plays host to major national and diocesan celebrations.

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