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We call it the Communion Rosary.
Its delicate design makes it an ideal first rosary.
The perfect gift for a special event.
It suits everybody and takes up little space, fitting easily
into the palm of the hand.

The rosary is a prayer item resembling a necklace of beads comprising
five groups of ten beads known as decades.
Each group is followed by a separate bead.
A cross and five beads which run from the necklace part
to the centrepiece bearing an effigy of the Holy Virgin,
a saint or a Christian symbol.
The recitation starts by the sign of the cross, one "I believe in God",
one "Our Father", three "Hail Marys" and
one "Glory to the Father".
This is then followed by recitation of one "Our Father",
ten "Hail Marys" and one "Glory to the Father".
Recitation of the decades is combined with contemplation of the joyful,
painful and glorious mysteries of the life of Christ.
During the Year of the Rosary, Pope Jean-Paul II proposed
the addition of new luminous mysteries.

Small wooden rosary

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